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The Book Blurb

Patrick Weekes lives in Canada with their non-platonic life partner Karin, their children, and an ever-increasing number of rescue animals. By day, Patrick currently works at BioWare, where they are lead writer on the Dragon Age franchise. By night, they write novels whose feel usually boils down to “Absurd premise executed faithfully.”

Patrick enjoys Lego, martial arts, musical numbers, and chocolate milk, but probably not in that order.

Random Facts about Me

I practiced martial arts many years, children, and pounds ago and am slowly getting back into it. I specifically studied a derivation of Tracy Kenpo, which was a spinoff from American Kenpo Karate. At the belt level that I reached, we got to pick weapons to study with in addition to the officially trained weapons (which were staff, sticks, spear, bigger sticks, knives, other stuff I never got to), and I picked the most ridiculous weapons I could find. I am, even years later, not bad with the kusarikama, and I can do some cool spins with hook swords and the nine-section steel whip (although mine is now only eight sections because I actually used it enough that the last link broke).

I practice Reiki (albeit with the philosophy of “This could help in addition to standard medical treatment,” and not “Stop taking your medication and rely exclusively on me touching you to make you feel better”).

I am vegetarian.

I love playing DPS in online games, but what I’m actually good at is playing Support. I can become surprisingly not-bad as a Support character very quickly, while my attempts to be awesome as a DPS character range from mediocre to cringeworthy.

I drink a lot of chocolate milk. No, more than you’re thinking. Okay, like double that.

I identify as pan and non-binary and use They/Them as my pronouns. My favorite part of being non-binary is arguing with different formal style guides about whether it has a hyphen.

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